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Warm up your pallet with our homemade barley soup

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Mirza Ghasemi

Medley of BBQ eggplant, eggs, garlic and tomato

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Kashkeh Bademjan

Medley of eggplant with yogurt sauce flavoured with garlic, onion and mint

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Baghali Polo

Traditional dish with board beans (fava) dill rice and lamb shank

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Sabzi Polo Mahi

White fish filet pan seared with herbed basmati

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Kalle & Pache

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The History

F inally, a restaurant that solves that age-old dilemma: Italian or Persian? Schizophrenia aside, Zaffron manages to shine at both cuisines. Inside, a California-style decor: stucco walls, autumn colours and tile floors.

Fresh from the wood oven, Iranian flatbread is sprinkled with sesame seeds; it proves the perfect medium for smoky eggplant purée with lashings of goat yogurt cheese and deep-fried mint. Fusilli Saraceno confirms Italian expertise, with a creamy tomato sauce teaming up with grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions red and green.


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